10 Sep 2011

The different Personality Types of men & what they have thought me.

  1. Mr Nice Romantic Guy (had to be the most annoying)  Now don’t get me wrong there can be nothing as nice as a charming man who treats his woman with respect and spoils her, but sometimes it is taken too far, here’s the low down. He’ll show up with flowers, leave little notes around your home/bedroom, rhyme off romantic quotes, talk softly and sweetly to you, bring you off to places that he thinks are romantic (bringing you to a cold beach in the rain on a January night is not classed as romantic) think old fashioned courtship, back in the day. So what can this type of man teach you… This affectionate man will show you the softer side within them, all the while raising your expectations of how you should be treated, but most of the time these men are in love with the idea of love. They will come on strong, telling you within a few weeks sometimes even sooner that they are in love with you and want to start a future together, give you expectations, but loose momentum in the long haul as the reality of the relationship sets in, he becomes lazy, you become bored, he starts to make excuses and you start to think that you are the problem. The best thing iv found from experience with this type of man is to keep a level head, while he floats around you in his own little bubble. Don’t fall for it and if you love this type of man, make sure that he is in it for the long haul so you are not wasting your time.
  2.  The Seducer  Ah we all know a few, he will have his way with you your friend their friends and so on. He is sensual and sexy and makes you feel the same, knows all the right things to say at the right times and knows how to push all the right buttons. The seducers are all about women they understand women completely. Seducers are mostly submissive, they will do everything and anything to please you and get you into bed. He will have a game plan right from the start. It usually goes like this, he get’s your contact information gets to know you becomes friendly within a day he is straight in dropping hints and being charming, he will flatter you and make you feel so good about yourself, and then just start talking really dirty , even if you were a good girl and not usually vulgar and maybe you were shy , well with the seducer it will all fade away into the background, he will make you feel confident and sexy and you just let it all out and let yourself be seduced , because lets face it who doesn’t like to be seduced. The flip side is as soon as he gets what he wants he’s gone, yes he will keep in contact with you as a friend purely because he might get the itch some night and if there is none of his other contacts around he will come knocking filling you with information on how busy he has been and how good it is to see you again. Seducer’s are very good at what they do, but they do not like when the tables are turned on them and the woman becomes the seducer and the one that is calling all the shots. Turning a seducer down kills his ego makes him want you more and he will want to know why you do not want to see him and think you have a better offer.
  3. The Regular Guy The regular guy’s in the world don’t get enough credit, they are very rare and hard to find, but when you do find him grab him with both hands and don’t let go. He is down to earth, stable, loyal, loving, works hard run the house watch allot of TV and play a lot of Xbox or Playstation games. He will start out being fun, adventurous and outgoing when he is younger but they usually settle into a more stable boring life as they get older. The regular guy will in most cases start out in control of the relationship but in almost every case the woman usually takes control after a while. Usually what happens then is the woman starts nagging telling him what to do ect eventually driving him away and is back to square one again herself.
  4. The Ass Kissing Guy Well i have came across quiet a lot of these and yes i am only 25, I’ve seen some of my friends men (the ass kissers) in action for quiet a while. These men will give you whatever you want no matter what it is,you ask them to jump they will say how high, i bet a lot of you are thinking oh yes this is what i want and might think it would be so great, well i can tell you it is not great looking from the outside looking in. It is pathetic , they are men not wimps or at least they are suppose to be men, it is also not fair to the man, he wants to be manly and you have him Whipped!! These types of men will follow you around saying yes dear no problem dear would you like me to do anything else for you dear while you sit back on your ass getting fatter and fatter, taking advantage of the soft guy is sad, you might as well become a lesbian, if you are that desperate to control everything and act like the man yourself , go out and find yourself a woman who likes to be dominated.
  5. The Bad Boy ( My Favorite) He is interesting fun random dangerous and thrilling to be around. These Guy’s are usually tough, dress tough, and act tough as often as possible. They drink smoke get tattoos ride bikes and generally demonstrate in every way possible that they are from the wrong side of the tracks, your mother would not approve. There is an addictive emotional rush being with or around these guy’s that could do anything. It’s the treat em mean keep em kean kind of attitude and personally i like the trill of the chase i don’t want anything that’s so easy to get, it is the dominant figure that draws you in. The downfall for the bad boy is he is not and never will be marriage material you will never tame a bad boy, and if you are looking for trust and loyalty it is not the way to go.
  6. The funny great sense of humor guy This is also another big favorite of mine, with the funny guy it does not matter how he looks, as long as he is some way decent you will go for it. They have that cute charm about them they are trying to impress you but are not over doing it  or being too full on, they are witty and cute. Women laugh with a sense of attraction to them, they will charm you with their humor and make you think they are fun to be around, which is true that they are. Funny guy’s can be similar to the regular guy, so you are getting the best of both worlds but the plus side is with the funny guy he is not going to get lazy of boring.
  7. The Married Man 100% no go area !!!! seriously i have been there and done that and wished i did not , Were to start, first of all they will do everything that the romantic guy does everything is fun with a trill of being caught , until you are caught! That’s when the true colors show, he will have to start leaving early tell you he is finished with his wife and that he loves you so much, fill your head with a lot of bullshit for as long as he can get away with it , constantly lie, constantly being paranoid, constantly sneaking around, swearing to you that you will be together properly soon. The major disadvantages are.. his wife, his lies, no trust, no future, if he done it with you he could or maybe would do it again, he has more than likely done it before, he is an experienced liar and will try to convince you and anyone else about anything he pleases, he has no respect for you or for himself, he will waste your time when you could actually be out finding Mr right, you will lie a lot because of him , you are constantly paranoid trying to hide the truth, your friends are effected your family is effected. If you are going to still go down this road make sure and remember they are used to lying they are experts at it, they will tell you anything to have you as their bit on the side, they will promise you the sun moon and stars and i can guarantee you it will never happen and they have NO intention on making it happen or to even try to make it happen, save yourself the hassle anything but the married guy.
That’s it for the moment if i come across anymore i will add to this, hope you enjoyed reading please comment or feel free to contact :)

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