10 Sep 2011


I am sure you have all came across ungrateful people at more than one stage in your lives, but what about when it’s your best friend or a family member? When it becomes a habit, when they start taking you for granted, and when they start using you to get what they want. I have been once bitten twice shy with ungrateful people. Some people like myself have a giving good nature and when it is taken advantage of it is not nice. A simple thank you so much for your help, you have saved me a lot of bother would do nicely, or even a thank you. But for example with family members, certain family members think it is your duty as the bigger sister or whatever to help them out or bail them out of a situation no matter what the cost of it is, and then simply throw it back in your face once they have gotten what they want. Or what about those family members who think it does not matter what age they are they can still sponge off you or rely on you to help them out and come along and get themselves into that situation in the first place knowing very well what the outcome would be but still persisting to do so anyway, that is just selfishness and rudeness. I myself would be embarrassed for these people that do not know how to be appreciative , but as long as they keep getting what they want when they ask for it they will never learn any different.

When the shoe is on the other foot, and you need the favor or money , see how quick they are to come to your help, see will they be the ones to step up and say, I will help you out , u have helped me so much, that will not be the case at all they will hide. Now sometimes people don’t help others out because they think they will owe something in return and all i am saying here is a simple thank you would be nice, and to know if you ever had the same problem they would help you out. I think people are so ignorant when it comes to their own actions and how it makes others feel, if giving people out there, like myself stop being so helpful and giving, then maybe these ungrateful people would learn a lesson, it only takes a second to say thank you or to appreciate someone, before you are left with no one to turn to SHOW YOUR GRATITUDE!!!

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