11 Sep 2011

Orb Or Not? Ghosts Or Not? You Decide!!!

A few year's ago i got very interested in photography and was taking picture's of anything and everything. To be honest they were not all that great but i used to like to mess around with lighting and different contrast's. So after a while i got bored and wondered what else would be interesting to take photo's of and as i was already very interested in the spiritual world i decided it would be fun for a group of us to head out when it's dark to a few grave yard's !! Then the fun really began when i started to catch abnormal and unusual things in some of the picture's and lucky for me my camera setting's were set to capture 2 pictures at a time. So here are 3 pictures which caught our attention, and i have to say i 100% believe there is something to them.

The first two picture's were taken exactly one after the other and you can see the very bright orb as plain as day in the second picture.

This picture was caught as i entered the same grave yard as the above picture's. You can see the very strange image's that are forming and that are transparent!

So from these picture's i believe that i have caught something paranormal here but i would appreciate your input on what you think. Hope you enjoyed looking at them :)

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