10 Sep 2011

In The Present.

Some of the negative thoughts that we pay attention to are related to worrying about the future or resenting the past. Whenever you do any of these activities, you are not living in the present.I am a firm believer in positive thinking, i do not always do it myself , but i try, because i know positive thinking will always get you further , being negative just leaves you stuck ,confused and getting nowhere. It does not make sense to worry about the future, as we don’t ever live in the future. We live only in the present. Most of the things we fear don’t even happen. It does not make sense to resent the past either. The thing is, you cannot change the past. Why would you like to re-live and suffer something you cannot do anything about?

Still often our mind’s wander off  into the future. We worry and think about many things all at once – Potential problems and deadlines. We think about all the things that could go wrong or all the hassle we could receive trying to reach our goals. We convince ourselves how difficult something is going to be, well in advance of the actual event.

Or else our attention is drawn to the past, and like i said above, Why would you like to relive and suffer something you cannot do anything about, it is finished with it is called the past for a reason, but we usually find a way to imagine the worst even from the past, we worry about such things like, an argument we had last week or regret a mistake from a month ago, let it go and learn from it.
This mental activity is about things in the future that may or may not ever happen, and if they do, the anticipation of it is usually worse than the actual event, this kind of thinking is not helping. Or it’s about past activities that are over and done with, things that have actually happened, that we no longer have any control over, rethinking about these matters are holding you back, stopping you from moving forward and creating negativity.

Get out there, get in the present, do what you love and do it well, don’t worry about the future it will shape it self and if you pick up positive thinking your future will get better day by day :)

Poem By Buddha

Don’t chase after the past,Don’t seek the future;The past is gone,The future hasn’t come.But see clearly on the spot The object which is now,While finding and living in A still, unmoving state of mind.  

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